Blend Modes is one of the layer features of Adobe Photoshop. They allow them to change color, brightness, contrast and almost everything else involving colors by modes. These are used to determine how layers blend into each other by image or color. The default blend mode is "Normal".

Blend typesEdit


  • Normal
  • Dissolve
  • Clear
  • Behind


  • Darken
  • Multiply
  • Color Burn
  • Linear Burn
  • Subtract (on comparative section)


  • Lighten
  • Screen
  • Color Dodge
  • Linear Dodge
  • Divide (on comparative section)


  • Overlay
  • Soft Light
  • Hard Light
  • Vivid Light
  • Linear Light
  • Pin Light
  • Hard Mix


  • Difference
  • Exclusion
  • Subtract
  • Divide


  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Color
  • Luminosity

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